Advice for Parents


This short film is an extract from a drama acted out by young people from the National Youth Theatre, and may help parents if they are concerned about their child’s relationships.

The film outlines a new category of domestic abuse, coercive control, and helps us to recognise the key features of behaviour that indicate this type of abuse.


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Music For Adults All Day Playathon


Thank you to the Music For Adults team who have raised over £2,000 for Mentor Link with events this year! It really means a lot, and thank you for the continued support.

Universal Children’s Day 2020!


Today we are celebrating Universal Children's Day by announcing our new Protective Behaviours training programme.

Case Studies

Terri’s Story


This is Terri's Story. Please click here to watch her film and find out more.

Luke’s Story


This is Luke's Story. Please click here to watch his film and find out more.