Fundraising and Admin

We can offer experience in:

· Events organisation
· Going out and about in the community
· One off or long term

· As above but more focused on the promotional side
· Organising local media spots, etc.

· On hand to provide technical support to staff
· Data input

· Assisting the CEO with research
· Collecting statistical data
· Collecting data for growth and development

General Administration
· Can help out in all the above fields and may be tasked with their own small projects
· All general admin duties

Helping out Staff within Schools
· Supporting our staff collect feedback from the schools and general administration

We are always looking to recruit more volunteers to help us out at the Head Office, whether it be because you’d like to help out the Charity, or for a valuable source of experience to add to your CV. If you can give only a few hours a week we greatly appreciate your support. In addition to the above types of volunteering experience we can offer, there is often call for our Head Office volunteers to be involved in certain aspects of the running of our Charity Shop, for example designing posters, research, or just general helping out, and going out on site to help our staff within the schools.

Quotes from past Volunteers:

I really felt that I was helpful to the organisation, getting involved in all sorts of administrative work that was both enjoyable and valuable. The people I worked with were so friendly, and it felt good that I was able to make a contribution to such a worthwhile organisation. Mentor Link do so much good in the community to support young people, and it has certainly helped me to develop the skills and confidence which have enabled me to find paid employment.


I loved it; all the staff were friendly, and welcoming. Straight away I was made to feel at home, like part of the team. Every day was different: sometimes I’d be doing research, or filing; other times writing case studies or searching for possible funding sources. Overall, I found volunteering for Mentor Link very rewarding, very fulfilling. It felt like I was actually making a difference, that I was, in my own small way, to a worthy cause contributing. And, from a personal point of view, it was good experience to put on my C.V. To anyone with some spare time, or anyone between jobs, I’d definitely recommend giving it a go.


If you are interested in volunteering for us in the Head Office, contact Lucy on 01299 822336 or


Case Studies

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