How We Helped Chloe

Posted on 04/10/2018

Chloe was struggling with her self-confidence and education following her parent’s divorce, so we provided her with a mentor in Tracey.

After 18 months of mentoring support, Chloe told us:

Mentor Link has helped me with my confidence because when my Mum and Dad broke up I got really shy and Mentor Link helped me with confidence and my behaviour and anger.

Her parents write:

Mentor Link is the one thing that has helped Chloe overcome difficult times and look forward to her future with confidence. That little hand brake in Chloe’s mind supressing her confidence has been released through Mentor Link’s help. Chloe is a different child, fully engaged in school life and striding forward with reading, writing, maths, essentially everything she does. Mentor Link continues to be a powerful positive influence on Chloe’s life.


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