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Our aim
To provide additional pastoral support to schools by providing them with a professional and dedicated mentoring service for children and young people.
Do you have young people in your school that are not reaching their potential and disengaging from their learning?
How do you deal with student issues in the light of austerity, budget cuts and pressure to improve outcomes for young people?

Where do you find a cost effective service that is prompt, consistent and professional? At Mentor Link we have an excellent reputation in delivering a high standard of mentoring for schools that is affordable.

Our mission
To provide school leadership teams with an additional service to support pupils who are disengaged from their learning or are distressed or facing difficulties for example

• Family crisis
• Low self esteem
• Low motivation or aspiration
• Disengagement or at risk of disengagement
• Relationship issues
• Are LAC
• Anxiety or low level mental health issues
• Loss or family illness
• Poor behaviour or declining attendance
• Bullying

Mentor Link is a children’s charity that provides one to one mentoring support from a professionally recruited mentor from business or the community.

Our mentoring works with the young people and schools to:
• Improve engagement
• Improve relationships
• Improve performance
• Improve self-esteem
• Reduce absence and disruption
• Reduce staff time dealing with pupil issues
• Adds another service to your pastoral support provision

The charity works with your senior leadership team to provide a flexible, reliable and
professional service.

Mentor Link safely and professionally recruits volunteer mentors to provide weekly one to one support to young people in schools.

We carefully match the young people to the mentors who provide independent adult role models.

Each referral will have identified goals set by teaching staff which are monitored through the mentoring journey through feedback.

The charity adds another option to your support provision for pupils and provides links to the local business and community.

Mentor Link supports your OFSTED report under safeguarding and pupil premium.

Our service supports your staff in delivering improved engagement in learning.

One High school teacher writes, “We really value the service Mentor Link provides, it’s prompt and consistent. The service allows our students to talk through any issues with confidence. We have very little to offer as provision is almost non-existent for any issues so this service is instrumental to our pastoral care.”

One Senco writes, “ E is much happier in school the amount of time he spends outside the classroom has greatly reduced and he is better able to cope with friendship issues and the general comings and going of school.”

Pastoral Lead: “A’s attendance has improved, she is better able to ask for help and she has started to make friends with a wider group of peers.”

Last year we mentored 250 children and young people.

89% were reported as improved in self- esteem.

72% improved in academic performance

68% improved their behaviour

72% reported improved relationships

Our mentoring service:
• Works with your school team
• Supports your OFSTED
• Supports pupil premium
• Weekly
• Dedicated
• Professional

Our Volunteer mentors’ are:
• Professionally and safely recruited
• DBS vetted
• Supported by our staff in their role
• Male and female mentors
• Trained and supported in their role

Mentor Link welcomes enquiries from schools and our staff can discuss with you the service that we provide and how we can support your school. We have a pragmatic and professional ethos that supports schools in delivering learning to young people.

We work with Primary and High schools, colleges, school nurses, social workers,
Early Help, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services and community/voluntary organisations.

For further details please contact us.


Case Studies

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