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Protective Behaviours and Mentor Link


In 2015 Mentor Link obtained training from the Protective Behaviours Consortium in Birmingham. As a charity that is dedicated to the wellbeing of children and young people, it was decided to include in our school mentoring programme a training programme for children in schools on Protective Behaviours. To date, 213 children in 11 schools across the West Midlands have benefitted from this training. We are supported in delivering this training by the Police and Crime Commissioner of West Mercia.

Protective Behaviours training teaches children about:

  • Their right to stay safe at all times
  • How it feels to be in an unsafe situation
  • Who to talk to if they feel unsafe

Using art and craft activities, groups of children learn about these principles and use a drawing of their own hand to create a ‘Helping Hand’ of trusted adults they can talk to. We evaluate our training and ask the children for feedback, and in total 94% of the children trained since the project started felt they had an improved knowledge and understand of their right to stay safe at all times.

Comments from the children after the training were:

“I can use the Personal Network hand to help me when I feel unsafe”

“The sessions were helpful and useful to me because I know who to talk to if I feel upset”

“The most useful thing we have done is my personal network and early warning signs and I shall rely on these from now on<blockquote”

And they also included some drawings for us!



We’d like to say a special thanks to the volunteers and staff who have supported us with this project in 2016/17: Jean Young, Grace Kerrigan, Louise Barnett, Sarah Smith, Tracey Calcutt and Wendy Palmer.

Thanks also to Pam Jarvie, Sally Edney, Karen Green and Michelle Hammond, who supported us with the project in 2015.

pb presentation
Tracey Onslow (Deputy to the Police and Crime Commissioner), Claire Richardson (Commissioning Officer) and Jean Young, Mentor Link’s Volunteer Supervisor and Protective Behaviour’s Trainer.

Protective Behaviours 2017:

Here are some great pictures from children we have trained in 2017, about their right to feel safe at all times.

Pictures July17 adjusted colour curves

Thanks to the children of St George’s Primary in Worcester and Ham Dingle Primary in Stourbridge for these fantastic drawings!


Pupils design App to support Young People

PB App

Ella, Charlotte and Chelsea with West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion

At school there was an app competition being held, as a bit of fun we thought we would enter. We got given an information leaflet on what it had to include and we came up with an easy concept of choosing the right decisions e.g. Choices.

We had a discussion and researched problems that teenagers of today are going through. Eventually we agreed on the topics anti-social behaviour, hate crime, healthy relationships, bullying & theft as our 5 top categories of teenage problems.

We think it helps young people because it gives advice and shows you what you can do to help yourself as a victim, help others as a witness & stop bullies. Stories always conclude in help line options and more information providing viewers with several escapes to the situations that they are going through.

Our School (St Johns Middle School Academy) helped us along with West Mercia Police & Crime Commissioner and Worcester University.

By Ella, Charlotte & Chelsea.

St George’s Primary School, Worcester

John Campion with children from St George’s Primary School and Grace Kerrigan and Jean Young of Mentor Link.

John Campion the West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner visited St George’s Primary School in Kidderminster to present certificates to a group of children who completed Protective Behaviours Training. The training was delivered by staff from children’s charity Mentor Link who teach children about their right to stay safe at all times, what it feels like to be unsafe and who to talk to. The project is supported by the Police and Crime Commissioner who writes, “I have handed out certificates to some very happy children at St Georges Primary School in Kidderminster earlier this month. They had just completed a Protective Behaviours training programme as part of Mentor Link, which I am proud to fund. These young people were taught invaluable lessons about how they have the right to feel safe at all times and how they can recognise, understand and inform others about unsafe situations. ”


Protective Behaviours 2018

Some drawings from early 2018 Protective Behaviours training at Bengeworth Academy, Evesham, and Rigby Hall School, Bromsgrove.

L to R: Jean Young (Trainer) with Tracy Calcutt (Mentor) and Phillip Grove (PCC Community Ambassador – South Worcs) at Bretforton Village School.

Above: Thank you to Wrekin View Primary school in Telford for their hospitality to our staff who recently delivered our Protective Behaviours Training to pupils.

Below: Some more wonderful drawings from the children trained at St Ambrose Primary and Sutton Park Primary in Kidderminster.


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