Protective Behaviours

Protective Behaviours and Mentor Link

Mentor Link is running a training programme for Primary and High schools on Protective Behaviours, which teaches young people about their right to stay safe at all times. In 2020 we will be rolling this training out to schools so if you would like further information and details please contact

Protective Behaviours training teaches children about:

  • Their right to stay safe at all times
  • How it feels to be in an unsafe situation
  • Who to talk to if they feel unsafe

Using art and craft activities, groups of children learn about these principles and use a drawing of their own hand to create a ‘Helping Hand’ of trusted adults they can talk to.

In 2019 we delivered Protective Behaviours training to children at 2 schools in Worcestershire training over 30 children. Between 2015 and 2018 717 children in 19 schools across the West Midlands benefitted from this training. We evaluate our training and ask the children for feedback, and in total 94% of the children trained during that project started felt they had an improved knowledge and understand of their right to stay safe at all times.

Here we have collated a selection of comments and drawings from the children across the 3 years which we’re sure you will enjoy as much as us!

“I can use the Personal Network hand to help me when I feel unsafe”

“The sessions were helpful and useful to me because I know who to talk to if I feel upset”

“The most useful thing we have done is my personal network and early warning signs and I shall rely on these from now on<blockquote”

And they also included some drawings for us!





Pictures July17 adjusted colour curves                         







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