Felix has become more able to manage his own feelings and has developed a resilience to the teasing he can encounter at school. Thank you for being a special someone for our son and giving him time to step away and breathe with someone he trusts.

Parents of a mentored Year 6 boy

Felix has become more settled and developed a much more positive attitude. He is now able to cope in situations where previously he would have lashed out/run off.

Teacher of mentored Year 6 boy

The mentoring service provides an outlet for students to discuss issues they have that can be inside and outside of school. The students have gained confidence from this experience and their families have spoken of the value they feel its has had on their children.

I feel the importance of having someone to talk to who is completely impartial is extremely high and Mentor Link have proper systems in place to evaluate the impact of their service.

Alvechurch Middle School

Emma is a lot happier in herself which is wonderful to see. Happier child, happier class, happier school and improved performance in class.

Lindridge Primary School

We are extremely grateful for all the support you have provided and for the difference it has made to our children over the past 2 years. Again, thank you so much for the support you have given school, Mentor Link provided a fabulous service when school really needed it.

Mrs T Smith, Head Teacher
Offmore Primary School

It has really helped me, so I think you should let other people know it’s available. Thank you.


To Jo, thanks you so much for being my mentor through Mentor Link. You have really helped me through a difficult time in my life and this has allowed me to concentrate on my A levels, hopefully my results will reflect this. Love A.


I’ve realised that I can help myself because now I am top of the school and I needed to change my behaviour. I’ve enjoyed having someone to talk to and have fun with. I am amazing now!!


We are extremely grateful to Mentor Link for supporting our daughter through a very difficult and unhappy time at school. Mentor Link’s independence has been its main strength: not only is our daughter able to discuss the problems she has with school in complete confidence, but she can discuss issues she would rather not share with us either. The Mentor herself has been approachable, friendly and reliable and the advice is structured, practical and encouraging. Mentor Link has helped our daughter to regain confidence and a positive attitude to school life. Thank you again.


Case Studies

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