World Mental Health Day

Posted on 14/10/2020

Mentor Link supports World Mental Health Day.  One in 10 children aged 5 to 16 has a diagnosable mental health problem.  Addressing mental health problems in children as early as possible can help children learn to cope with difficult situations as they grow and develop.  Working one to one with children, Mentor Link mentors offers listening support and guidance to young people during difficult times in their lives, which may include self-harm, bullying, traumatic bereavement and family breakdown. The aim of mentoring is to help these young people achieve positive changes and remain engaged with their families, learning and community, and achieve a successful transition to adulthood. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer Mentor, or would like to support the charity raising awareness about their invaluable work; organising fundraising events please contact


Case Studies

Terri’s Story


This is Terri's Story. Please click here to watch her film and find out more.

Luke’s Story


This is Luke's Story. Please click here to watch his film and find out more.